1/27/2016: I started this blog with good intent…  I was going to comment on things of importance to me.  What I found, over time, is that what’s important to me doesn’t necessarily belong in one blog.  For example, what you see here is related to wine and related to education.  After getting into blogging, and observing others’ methods of blogging, I’ve concluded I’m approaching this the wrong way.  A good friend of mine has a great blog (http://ilivetotravel.me/).  He does a phenomenal job with it.  But he also stays focused on one topic as most bloggers seem to.

That’s not me.  I can’t stay focused enough!

For social items, such as wine, I’m going to setup a Facebook page.  I know, I know, the dreaded “Facebook”.  I don’t much like it either, but it gives me an instant audience that I haven’t been able to develop with this separate blog, much as I wanted to.

For items such as education and business, I am going to use my LinkedIn account.  I have found that the response when I post directly on LinkedIn is far greater than when I post here and put a link on LinkedIn.  It seems that one URL creates too much friction for many.  Plus, LinkedIn gives me an instant audience much like Facebook.  I get many comments on my postings.

So if you have been a subscriber to my blog (one of the few!), I appreciate it.  I really do.  But the amount of effort to maintain this blog in a decent and respectable manner is too much when I am on Facebook and LinkedIn almost every day.

With that said, I have subscribed to and enjoy reading several blogs – and I plan to continue that.

So thank you for reading, and I will likely shut this down entirely in mid-2016.


Kent Micho


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