Update on Jeffco’s Vision 2020 Planning Workshop #2

Thursday, Feb 19, was the 2nd of 4 workshops for Jeffco’s Vision 2020 plan development. We were divided into 9 tables averaging 5 or 6 people each.

The homework leading into this workshop was to talk to the community members we were representing, and to come up with our community’s top 5 list of competencies of a future Jeffco graduate.  These discussions were based on the output of the workshop #1 efforts in January.

Each person at each table discussed their input. Each table then came up with a synergized list of 5 competencies along with detail to begin to define each competency. Themes were very similar across all tables.

From there, each table was charged with creating a visual representation of their thinking, so we spent a few hours working out options for visuals. Lastly, the visuals were voted on by everyone.

Next steps:

  • The next workshop is March 19
  • Warren Tech students are going to work up professional samples of graphics of the visuals for us to look at at meeting 3. We will pick one which will be used to represent the school system’s vision.
  • Because so many of our competencies are so similar across the groups, the facilitator, Dan McMinimee, Syna Morgan, and others within the district are going to work out a proposed set of language to convey the competencies – a starting draft for the final language we will ultimately use. The community representatives will then work to finalize this language over the next two meetings.
  • Our homework for the 3rd meeting is to come up with a list of the top 3 implications for the district as we move towards trying to create a student that possesses the list of competencies. What needs to change within the district to create that student?  What tasks need to happen to move us in that direction?

If you have input, please feel free to post a reply and I will ensure it is heard.


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