Jeffco Vision 2020 Project Almost Complete

Yesterday, we completed the community input part of the Jeffco Vision 2020 project I’ve blogged about before here, here, and here.  Here is what we accomplished, current status, and next steps.


The vision documentation is almost complete.  We looked at a draft final version yesterday and provided our last alterations to that version.  It is extremely close to final.  In the end, we want to see our students all have the following competencies when they graduate in 2020 and beyond:

  • Content Mastery (Math, Science, English, Arts, etc.)
  • Critical Thinking & Creativity
  • Civic and Global Engagement
  • Communications
  • Self Direction & Personal Responsibility

These names are subject to slight alteration in the final version based on our input yesterday.  Each of these high level competencies has many sub-competencies we want to see in any graduate.  Again, these are subject to slight alteration based on yesterday’s work, but last posted draft is available on the project website if you want to look at it.  Download the .pdf file at this link.  It won’t change materially from this version, but it will be cleaned up, slight changes in wording, and overlapping concepts removed.

Current Status

The work is essentially done on the vision.  There is a need to incorporate the final feedback of the team from yesterday into the documentation, but it will be very similar to the link above, just in a much more marketable and understandable view.

Next Steps

  • The final vision documentation will be distributed to the team in the next week or so.
  • We have also been working on graphics to represent the vision.  We have been asked not to share drafts of those yet, but when finalized, they will be available as well.
  • The vision will be presented to the Jeffco Board of Education on May 7 to gain approval.  Anyone attending that meeting will be able to see the final product, pending board approval.
  • 5 of us from the team of 60 are carrying over to a 25 person strategic planning team.  I gave an overview of that effort here.  We are the ones charged with ensuring the upcoming strategy work is aligned with the vision.  I am one of those people, and will be providing updates about that effort as well.

If you have any questions, post a reply.


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