What is physical literacy and what is its place in the curriculum?

I came across this article and thought it was a very different way of thinking about Physical Education than how we traditionally think about it in the United States.


21 April 2015

Article by Michael Dauncey, National Assembly for Wales Research Service

This picture shows boys playing rugby Image from Pixabay. Licensed under the Creative Commons.

The Welsh Government has a Programme for Government commitment (pdf53.2kb) to ensure that ‘physical literacy is as important a development skill as reading and writing’. But what is meant by physical literacy? And, in the context of Professor Graham Donaldson’s review of curriculum and assessment (pdf1.7MB), what is its place in the school curriculum?

Physical literacy does not simply mean the same as ‘sport’, ‘physical activity’ or even ‘physical education’. (For an actual definition of each of these, see Appendix B of the Schools and Physical Activity Task and Finish Group’s report (pdf500KB).)

Physical literacy is best understood as the outcome of learning about physical activity or of physical education (PE). In 2014, the International Physical Literacy Association defined physical literacy as:

‘the motivation, confidence, physical…

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