Efforts to reduce student assessments in Colorado are underway

No matter what side of the aisle you are on in Colorado, almost everyone can agree that our students are over-assessed.  Parents, students, teachers, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents all generally agree that we have too many assessments of students, too many overlaps across assessments, too much time spent preparing, and too much time lost teaching.

Jeffco Public Schools pulled together this document which shows the assessment landscape for a student.  All in all, some students may take over 30 different assessment tests from K through 12.  30!!!  That doesn’t include optional AP tests for students in those classrooms.

Fortunately, the state legislature is trying to fix this.  Our state senate just passed a bill aimed at reducing testing.  While there are differing opinions about the right approach to achieve reductions, it is refreshing to see some actual movement in that direction.

I hope, as do many, that our state government can work out an agreed upon plan, get it passed, and then course correct if needed.  I don’t know the best answer, but I do think that any step in this direction is progress.


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