Arizona State University and edX open a new frontier in low cost higher ed

ASU & edX are going to offer Freshman year general education online for $200/credit hour.  A student only pays at the end if they successfully complete the coursework and want ASU credit.  $200/credit hour is less than half the cost of the traditional route at ASU.  In addition, there are no entrance requirements.  A student simply does/does not get credit for their freshman year if they do/do not pass the classes and then subsequently do/do not pay the $200/credit hour cost.

This price point is highly competitive with community college, although, it lacks the in person experience.  Regardless, it’s a highly disruptive approach to Freshman year education at a 4 year college.

Might this program become a model for 4 year universities elsewhere?

For the entire article, follow this link.


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