A list of top tier colleges with free or reduced tuition for middle income families

This article was recently written by Bloomberg.  The impetus for their publication was Stanford’s announcement that families making <$125k/year will not have to pay tuition.  Stanford also considers net assets, but Bloomberg neglects to mention that.

Some private schools have, for a very long time, subsidized tuition for students; however, the list of schools and the degree to which the subsidies are given is accelerating.  (Perhaps because the cost of tuition has been skyrocketing over the last decade, far outpacing inflation.)  This is nothing but good news for the poor and middle classes, particularly when you see amazing students like these from refugee families who presumably could not afford full tuition.

In addition to the list Bloomberg published, there are many, many other schools doing the same thing through various means.  As personal experience has taught my family, the best way to find them is through research.  Many hours spent on the internet will pay off if you are willing to invest it.

Everyone should have the chance to pursue their dream, whether it’s college or otherwise.  Reducing the cost of tuition is making that dream a bit more accessible for some.


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