How to preserve wine for a very long time after its opened

In my perusing the web for all things wine, I came across an interesting item call the Platypreserve, made by Cascade Designs, the makers of the well known Platypus water storage containers for backpacking.

The idea is simple: Pour the wine in, squeeze the air out, and you will have fresh wine for days.  By entirely eliminating the oxygen, the wine should last much longer than in an open bottle, even if vacuumed.

It looks to me to be exactly like my backpacking Platypus with the exception that this one has colored plastic (maybe to hide the eventual inevitable staining) and my water Platypus comes with a drinking hose.  (why doesn’t this?!?!) (kidding) (maybe…)

If you are interested in checking it out, here is a link.  I think I’m going to buy one myself.


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