Education is something about which I have become very passionate over the past decade.  I think there is no single thing which could go further to solve the world’s problems than education.  With education, we could stop hate.  With education, we could feed the masses.  With education, we could provide sanitation globally.  With education, I think we could end a lot of wars.

Why, then, do we struggle so much with it in the good ol’ US of A?  We are one of the richest countries in the world, yet we can’t seem to keep up with many other developed countries in terms of educating our children.  It’s critical that people are involved, that parents care, and that communities are engaged.  The outcomes we need include students with a solid knowledge of subjects which they will use throughout their lives, students who are creative and innovative, students who work hard and are not entitled, and the list goes on.  Our current system doesn’t necessarily provide everything students need; however, with that said, it’s not all the fault of our current system either.  I’ll get to that over time in the blog.

In this blog, I will provide thoughts about opportunities and challenges we face as well as some news as it comes up.  I hope that in some small way, it will help people stop and think about the importance of education.  You will see me reference “getting involved” over and over.  I run the Jeffco Performing Arts Advocacy Coalition, a non-profit advocacy group focusing on the benefits that Performing Arts education can bring to our students.  While not everyone has the time to get this involved, do get involved in some manner.  Get involved in your PTA, a booster group, or just ask a teacher what you can do to help.  Every little bit helps.

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